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What We Are

Worship, Learn, Love is the name of our youth newsletter here at Newark United Methodist church. We cover a wide variety of events. We focus mostly on the Children and Youth Ministries perspective of things, but if there is an event that our main church newsletter does not cover, you can almost always count on us to cover it. We hope you are pleased with the hard work that went into planning and creating this website for you, our viewers.

Curious about how we got to where we are now?

Click this presentation to see how we got to where we are now. This was created with Prezi.

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Past Editions

Here you can access all our past issues of our newsletter. Just click the name of an issue to have it load up before your eyes. Some of the editions have links in them that are inactive.

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Are you interested in the history of our newsletter?

To explain our slightly complicated history of our newsletter, we created a presentation. If you’d like to view it, click here.

Photos from past events

Taken by one of our staff members. These events could have taken place at any time during the past year of 2020 or from early 2021.

What’s Coming Up?

Our google calendar is up-and-running! Each week a new image will be posted (similar to its precedent) highlighting this week’s events. You simply click that image and click “add calendar” and you will be taken to our google calendar where you can see what is going on. If for some reason it does not allow you to view it, please screenshot the error and email us. We will then try and troubleshoot it to get it working.

If you would like to check out what is coming to our website in the near future, you can do so by clicking the “Coming Soon” link in the navigation. The navigation is located in multiple places on our website.

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Soon enough, when we can figure out a way to make it work, there will be an option to print the newsletters directly from our website. Until then, you will have to be mailed your hard copies of the newsletter by using the link found in the “2 new changes” section.

We are now changing our newsletter release dates back to the first Sunday of every month. We are also now allowing people to sign up to be mailed hard copies of our newsletters. We allow up to 7 people (as of now) to be mailed hard copies of our newsletters.


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“Website-Specific Feedback” and “Website Ideas form” are different. One is for feedback on how to improve our website, and the other is for any ideas you may have for it. The “General Feedback” form is feedback for the entire newsletter operation.

Our staff

Not entirely sure who is behind the making of our newsletters? Well take a look below to find out.

Reagan Welch, Julia McAllister, Will Logan

Reagan focuses mostly on writing articles for our newsletters while Julia focuses more on taking pictures for our newsletter(s). Our other staff member, Will, focuses more on the editing/tech portion of the job. That means editing newsletters, editing this website or writing those emails to send to our audience. Three other members who don’t get the credit they deserve are Sara Shultz, Cherie Wilkins, and Lisa Santare. Sara is our advisor for the newsletter. After Will makes his final edits, he sends it off to Sara to be reviewed one final time and then off to Lisa to be posted to the NUMC website. In addition to posting our newsletters, Lisa also helps us with a good portion of our tech used to design the newsletters. In fact, she is to thank for helping us get acquainted with Mailchimp to help us design our emails and for this website. Cherie is a graphic designer who also helps our church with a lot of things in the youth world. She helped design the logo(s) you see at the bottom of our newsletters.

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Worship, Learn, Love- A division of Newark United Methodist Church and their Youth and Kids’ Ministries

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